Vnomics integrates with SpeedGauge, CAMS software

The Vnomics performance system shows drivers a shift efficiency score at the end of each tripThe Vnomics performance system shows drivers a shift efficiency score at the end of each trip

Vnomics, a provider of real-time driver performance and fleet intelligence systems, announced that it is now integrated with CAMS Software’s transportation management software to automate routing communication for private fleets.

The integration with CAMS was developed when one of Vnomics’ most prominent customers selected the company as its new mobile fleet management platform which includes an electronic logging application.

As part of transitioning to the Vnomics platform, the customer asked Vnomics to develop a relationship with CAMS and provide an integrated workflow process, said Mari McGowan, Vnomics director of product management.

Through this new integration, Vnomics users can now access real-time information about a driver’s route, including arrival and departure times, delays, travel time and mileage from the CAMS back-office system. Drivers can also use the Vnomics system in the vehicle to retrieve dispatch trips and log activities.

“We are excited to partner with CAMS Software to bring more efficiency to our grocery and retail customers,” McGowan said. “The real-time capture and delivery of critical trip and delivery information helps our customers save time and ensure accurate reporting of activity-based pay.”

“We heard from customers that it’s important to be able to work within their existing processes,” she continued. “Not only does Vnomics offer the flexibility to report activity based on customers’ processes, but our flexible architecture also reduces implementation time and minimizes disruption to customers’ business operations.”

Vnomics’ patented technology calculates vehicle mpg potential and communicates optimal practices and techniques to operate vehicles based on equipment, road, load and environmental conditions.

In a separate announcement, Vnomics is partnering with SpeedGauge, an international provider of driver behavior and speed management systems for commercial trucking fleets. The National Safety Council estimates speed-related crashes result in nearly 13,000 deaths and cost US citizens $40 billion each year. Speed related crashes cost commercial fleet operators $6 billion in lost productivity annually.

With the addition of SpeedGauge to its platform, Vnomics says that its customers can monitor speed of drivers to improve fuel economy and reduce accidents and speeding violations. Using Vnomics’ location based information, SpeedGauge compares vehicle speeds to posted speed limits for all interstates, side roads, and rural and urban streets – anywhere a speed limit is posted. Fleets using the enhanced Vnomics system can also set customized speeding thresholds to receive reports of all incidents that exceed those limits. Reporting options offer a street view map of the location where the infraction occurred.

“Our industry has come to appreciate that speeding matters everywhere, and fleet safety managers are thrilled when they learn that they can monitor speed everywhere their vehicles operate,” said SpeedGauge CEO, Jonathan Hubbard. “SpeedGauge is very excited to partner with Vnomics and further improve safety ratings and fleet efficiency for their customers.”