What equipment is the most effective at reducing fuel consumption?

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Updated Oct 1, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.20.15 PMWhat equipment do you think helps best improve fuel economy? We want to hear from you.

CCJ has created an interactive microsite that allows you to choose the fuel-saving equipment you deem most valuable on an over-the-road truck. The site highlights each equipment option on a truck diagram when that option is clicked. Click here to see and to select the equipment you think helps most boost fuel economy. 

The 21 equipment options include transmission/drivetrain, tires, wheels, tractor, trailer and lubricants. Once you rank your top five picks, you’ll be able to see how your choices compare to those of other readers.

Voters will be entered in a contest to two cases of 5W40 oil and injector cleaner from Amsoil.

After voting ends Oct. 17, we’ll explore the five most popular choices online and in CCJ’s print edition

Click here to see the site.