XRS Corp. creates new links with McLeod Software, TMW Systems

XRS Corporation, a provider of mobile trucking intelligence systems, announced a new integration between its mobile platform and enterprise transportation management platforms from McLeod Software and TMW Systems.

The integration with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster application allows users to streamline communication and access critical information in real
time. Using web services from XRS Corp., LoadMaster works in concert with the XRS mobile application to collect hours of service, vehicle locations, arrivals/departures and other activity.

The integration gives LoadMaster users more tools within a single application, the company says, to simply the fleet management process.

The integrations with the TMWSuite and TruckMate platforms from TMW Systems, utilize the latest web services from XRS to sync critical data—from
planning to the final mile of each dispatch. A key feature of the new XRS integrations with TMW Systems is near real-time communication that minimizes duplicate data entries, the company says, to improve accuracy and frequency of dispatch, messaging, and fleet tracking updates.

The XRS platform runs on certified smartphones, tablets and rugged handhelds. It has an easy-to-use interface for drivers and functionality for operations and compliance. The platform has no up-front hardware costs.