Hauling Ebola: Dallas hazmat clean-up team’s story of transporting hospital’s waste

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Updated Oct 23, 2014

The “Cleaning Guys” have a new line item to add to their list of hauled contaminants: The Ebola virus.

The Texas-based hazmat haulers and clean-up response service was on the front lines of the clean-up efforts in Dallas, where three Ebola patients have been treated.

Erick McCallum, owner and occasional crewmember with CG Environmental (the company’s official name), gave this week an exclusive interview with CCJ sister site Overdrive.

Click here to read the full interview, where McCallum talks clean-up, sanitation, packing, loading and moving Ebola-contaminated waste materials, along with the equipment they used to do so.

McCallum and crew were the ones responsible for cleaning out the apartment of the U.S.’ “Patient X,” Thomas Eric Duncan. The crew crammed the apartment’s contents into 140 drums, and under the direction of Homeland Security, hauled it to a site 100 miles away where drivers for the medical waste incineration company Stericycle took it.

See Overdrive’s full story here.