Winegard develops satellite antennas for trucking

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Updated Dec 8, 2014
CLICK on the image to view a photo gallery of satellite TV options for fleets.CLICK on the image to view a photo gallery of satellite TV options for fleets.

Winegard has manufactured mobile TV antenna units for more than 15 years for the RV market. The company recently engineered and began to manufacture the Pathway X1 and the G2 models specifically for the trucking industry. These models have been tested to withstand very harsh conditions for more than 600,000 miles.

“It has been put through the rigors. We are very confident it will hold up in harsh environment,” says Aaron Engberg, Winegard’s mobile satellite product manager.

The units can be temporarily mounted on a window or bolted to a bracket above the sleeper. Winegard supplies a 25’ cable for both units. The mounting brackets are sold separately.

Both the Pathway X1 and G2 have an antenna that rotates, as needed, to catch the satellite signals from either DISH or DIRECTV, depending on which company the customer decides to use. The main difference between the two units is that Pathway X1 can receive high definition channels from DISH but only standard definition from DIRECTV. Only the G2 can receive high definition channels from DIRECTV.

High definition will only make a difference for large TV screens, he says. Most truck drivers only have room to fit a 20 to 24-inch screen which makes high definition unnecessary for a typical truck application.

The Pathway X1 retails for $499 and the G2 retails for $649. The Pathway X1 is sold directly to drivers at Travel Centers of America. It is also sold directly through Winegard and online through Amazon.

Drivers that purchase the unit for themselves will typically contact either DISH or DIRECTV to activate the unit. They can also contact Winegard to help them activate the unit with either company, he says.

Fleets can get a Winegard antenna as part of an all-inclusive subscription with DIRECTV programming through EpicVue. Fleets that use the Pathway X1 unit with DISH have to purchase the antenna and other equipment separately and then activate a monthly subscription by contacting Winegard or DISH, he says.

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