Counting down the top stories of 2014: No. 8

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Updated Dec 24, 2014

CCJ is reviewing the top 10 stories of 2014 based on the number of pageviews. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the stories to move through the countdown. 

No. 8: Walmart unveils Peterbilt/Great Dane concept tractor-trailer

wave-3Walmart turned a lot of heads at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., with the announcement of its new concept tractor-trailer. The teardrop shaped body is designed to improve aerodynamics by 20 percent over conventional models. The truck has a fuel-neutral turbine engine, meaning it can run on diesel, gasoline, natural gas and  biofuels among other sources.

The concept uses a cabover design to reduce weight and shorten the wheelbase, and the gap between the tractor and trailer has been decreased to reduce aerodynamic drag. The trailer is made entirely of carbon fiber which cut the weight by an additional 4,000 pounds.

Dubbed the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience, the tractor-trailer certainly look s like something out of a science-fiction novel. Will the industry ever see such trucks on the road? Maybe, maybe not, but we are now one step closer to that thanks to the retail giant.

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