Dayton Freight using Omnitracs program to manage driver fatigue

103_7007Omnitracs Analytics announced that Dayton Freight Lines has implemented its sleep management program to improve the safety and health of its drivers. The program, a core component of Omnitracs Analytics’ Driver Fatigue Model, predicts sleep by using data from Omnitracs Hours of Service onboard application.

“At Dayton Freight, driver safety and satisfaction are top priorities,” said Derek Kirby, director of safety. “Since the rollout of Omnitracs Analytics’ Sleep Management program and the use of predictive models to show the value of sleep and napping strategies, we’ve received extremely positive feedback from our drivers who have utilized the program’s tools to change their sleeping habits for the better. In fact, since the start of the program, we have not had any major accidents that can be attributed to driver fatigue.”

Omnitracs Analytics, a business unit of Omnitracs, made the announcement during the Omnitracs Outlook 2015 conference, held Feb 8-10 in Dallas.

Dean Croke, vice president of Omnitracs Analytics, held workshops to educate Dayton Freight’s drivers on proper sleep techniques that include the strategic timing of naps mid-trip to improve alertness through the critical sunrise period. Dayton Freight Lines cited that more than 90 percent of the drivers that attended the workshops reported increased alertness behind the wheel, improved quality and length of sleep, and a better overall lifestyle.

“Drowsy driving is a major concern affecting highways nationwide and we applaud Dayton Freight for its commitment to safety,” said Croke. “Drivers can be 100 percent compliant with hours of service regulations and still be sound asleep at the wheel. It’s only by understanding the real drivers of fatigue-related risk through predictive analytics and education that the solution presents itself.”