DOD contract carriers granted renewal of 30-minute HOS exemption

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Updated Oct 7, 2015

SDDCThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has renewed the Department of Defense’s exemption to the 30-minute break requirement of 2013’s hours-of-service rule.

The exemption allows carriers contracted for Surface Deployment and Distribution and their drivers that haul weapons, munitions and sensitive/classified cargo to skip the required 30-minute break and instead use their so-called attendance time to satisfy the requirement, as long as they don’t do other work during the break.

The original exemption was granted Oct. 28, 2013, and it expires Oct. 21, 2015. The renewal extends the exemption through Oct. 21, 2017.

SDDC said approximately 1,942 power units and 3,000 drivers would be eligible to use the exemption.