Cargo theft firms warn industry of increased theft risk around Labor Day

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Updated Oct 3, 2016
Source: CargoNetSource: CargoNet

Cargo theft reporting firms CargoNet and FreightWatch International have each issued warnings in advance of Labor Day weekend.

Both firms say cargo theft activity increases during holiday weekends such as Labor Day, and the same is expected for this year. FreightWatch says between 2012 and 2015, cargo thefts occurring during Labor Day weekend have had an average value of $159,654, including five separate incidents targeting electronics. CargoNet’s numbers indicate an average value of $243,908 during the same time period.

According to FreightWatch, 89 percent of cargo thefts that took place on Labor Day weekend in 2015 happened in California, Texas, Florida and Georgia. CargoNet lists the same four states and adds New Jersey as the most-targeted states during recent Labor Day weekends.

FreightWatch recommends for drivers and others involved in logistics to make sure safety protocols are up-to-date and that they are using industry best practices for in-transit and warehouse operations.

CargoNet offers the following security tips for in-transit freight:

  • Make sure drivers and security personnel have license plate, VIN and descriptive information for tractors, trailers, containers and container chassis in case of a theft to give to police.
  • Use high-security barrier seals and padlocks on trailers, as well as kingpins for unattached trailers.
  • Use air-cuff and steering column locks on trailers.
  • Drivers should arrive at point of pick-up well-rested, showered, fed and with a full tank of fuel.
  • Avoid leaving loaded trailers unattended.
Source: CargoNetSource: CargoNet