SmartDrive designs Driver Scorecard with video-based performance metrics

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Updated Apr 25, 2018
The SmartDrive SR4 platform is an integration hub that connects to multiple cameras, electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, and various OEM and third-party advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles.
Cypress Truck Lines’ management team developed a driver safety incentive program using SmartDrive’s video-based insights.Cypress Truck Lines’ management team developed a driver safety incentive program using SmartDrive’s video-based insights.

SmartDrive Systems announced the SmartDrive SmartIQ Driver Scorecard that combines video-based data with interactive analysis capability that gives fleets “a complete, unbiased view of driver performance in a flexible format that is built to improve driver retention,” according to the news release.

With many fleets turning to safety-driven driver incentive programs, SmartDrive says that most do not have data that is based on real-time driving performance. Instead, many rely on summarized information or historical data such as the absence of citations or collisions that do not measure actual driving skills.

Safety-based rewards programs can incentivize performance based on metrics that matter and help drivers make more money, said Steve Mitgang, SmartDrive chief executive officer.

“With the Driver Scorecard, SmartDrive enables fleets to pay for performance based on real-time driving data, delivering a powerful competitive advantage while also making the fleet safer and more profitable,” he said.

SmartDrive SmartIQ Driver Scorecard brings key driver performance metrics across safety and operations into one dashboard. Fleet managers can view metrics that include safe driving, MPG, miles driven and coaching to recognize and reward top-performing drivers.

The company is offering the SmartDrive SmartIQ Driver Incentive Starter Package for fleets looking to jump start a data-driven driver incentive program within days. The package includes best practice metrics and tools to start a performance-based driver incentive program. Also available from SmartDrive is a new eBook, Highly Effective Secrets to Building a Successful Data-Driven Driver Incentive Program.

SmartDrive recently announced its new SR4 platformSmartDrive recently announced its new SR4 platform

“Using data to create a program that incentivizes our drivers gives me confidence in knowing that we’re reinforcing safe driving and protecting the motoring public. As a result, I’m happy to pay out for safety. In fact, I hope 100 percent or more of our drivers qualify for our quarterly safety performance bonus,” said Matthew Penland, vice president of risk management at Cypress Truck Lines, a flatbed carrier based in Jacksonville, Fla.

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SmartDrive has designed the Driver Scorecard to be customizable with more than 70 video-based driving performance observations. Additionally, managers can integrate data from other vehicle systems and combine this data with the SmartDrive SmartIQ product family. The Driver Scorecard can also be tailored to the requirements of specific departments within a fleet. The safety manager can save a different view than the director of operations, for example, based on each department’s specific priorities.

Leveraging the SmartDrive Driver Application for mobile devices, drivers can have visibility into how their driving performance affects their standing in their company’s incentive program.

“The SmartIQ Driver Scorecard,” said Mitgang, “is an essential offering of the SmartIQ analytics solution for Driver Performance Management, which includes actionable data comparing new driver performance to that of tenured drivers, analysis of driver efficiency in the context of trips and insight to risks contributing to collisions and near collisions.”