Comdata opens biz profiles in Comchek Mobile for driver payments

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Updated May 25, 2018
Comchek Mobile is a peer-to-peer payments system for the trucking industry.Comchek Mobile is a peer-to-peer payments system for the trucking industry.

Businesses within the trucking industry can now register for Comchek Mobile to digitize payments for settlement, driver advances, lumpers, repairs and other common over-the-road needs.

The update to Comdata Mobile lets businesses register and establish a user profile that matches their legal and business standing.

Comchek Mobile was introduced in 2017 to digitize Comdata’s paper Comchek and Express Code payment offering to help the trucking industry more conveniently send, receive and use funds related to driver payments and loads.

Using a Comchek Mobile debit card tied to an iOS- or Android-enabled smartphone app, businesses can instantly send or receive funds from other individuals or businesses within the mobile network.

“From brokers to fleet managers to drivers, Comchek Mobile users have experienced the value of easily and securely receiving funds, managing balances and spending available balances in convenient ways,” said Greg Secord, president of North American Trucking at Comdata. “We’re excited to bring those same benefits to businesses that operate within the trucking industry.”

Once transferred, funds are used via debit card by individuals for point-of-sale purchases, ATM withdrawals, bank transfers and discounted fuel and hotels at Comdata Proprietary Network locations.

Comdata says the business user functionality provides Comchek Mobile an easy way to fund drivers. For example, a business owner can receive a settlement payment electronically and distribute it quickly to drivers through Comchek Mobile’s peer-to-peer transfer function.

Each mobile app user has a unique username to verify and track transactions. Notes can be applied to all transactions for audits and reporting.

To register, a user downloads the Comchek Mobile app and enters business-specific details on behalf of their company. Upon approval, a Comchek Mobile Comdata card is issued with the business name embossed on the card.