Parcel carrier LSO partners with DHL for international offering

Lone Star Overnight (LSO), a regional parcel carrier based in Austin, Texas, announced a partnership with DHL OptimalShip to launch a new international shipping service, LSO Global. With the new offering, LSO says its customers can ship internationally to over 220,000 destinations and achieve door-to door delivery within 3 business days at rates that are up to 40% less expensive than UPS or FedEx.

“Every day, we provide better service at rates up to 40% less, and our customers consistently tell us we are more user-friendly than FedEx and UPS,” said Dick Metzler, president and chief executive of LSO. “We are now able to offer the same value on an international package through our partnership with DHL OptimalShip.”

The partnership with LSO Global also allows DHL to expand the reach of its service offering throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, said Gary Taylor, chief executive of DHL OptimalShip.

“Our partnership with LSO provides the best and most discounted international shipping services to a larger audience, while expanding discounted domestic shipping services for our customers,” he said.