Enhance your fleet’s success by becoming a CCJ Insider on Facebook

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Updated Aug 13, 2019
Click here or click through the image above to request to join CCJ Insiders.Click here or click through the image above to request to join CCJ Insiders.

CCJ has launched a new way to keep fleet executives and managers up to date on the trucking industry’s latest news, technology, equipment and more. 

CCJ Insiders is an exclusive Facebook Group for those in charge of running a trucking company. In the closed group, members will post tips, advice and questions related to all facets of fleet management. CCJ editors will also occasionally chime in and share their professional expertise. 

Members are asked to adhere to a few simple guidelines:

  • Posts should be helpful for fleet executives and managers
  • No personal attacks or offensive language 
  • No spam, job postings, advertisements or GoFundMe pages

Comments or posts against the rules will be deleted and could result in being banned from the group. This group may be used to gather story ideas, and your posts and comments could occasionally be used in stories we are working on. 

If you are looking to enhance your fleet’s success, we invite you to join CCJ Insiders. We look forward to hearing your ideas and discussing ways to improve your fleet. 

Become a CCJ Insider today by requesting to join here.