Nauto rolls out AI-powered driver safety platform

Nauto uses an inward-facing camera and algorithms to identify a number of driving behaviors while a vehicle is moving.Nauto uses an inward-facing camera and algorithms to identify a number of driving behaviors while a vehicle is moving.

Nauto, a provider of AI-powered fleet safety products, has rolled out a new real-time “Driver Behavior Learning Platform” that it says connects all of its existing in-vehicle hardware, software and cloud-based services and also extends its functionality with new features.

Nauto has a customer base of more than 400 fleets, and contrasts its real-time risk assessment approach to competitive in-vehicle systems that rely on sending data back to the cloud for analysis.

The platform uses in-vehicle artificial intelligence and multi-sensor fusion to perform real-time risk assessment, the company says, by continuously analyzing sensor data from driver behaviors, exterior hazards, and vehicle movement.

The core elements of the Nauto platform are:

  • In-Vehicle Alerts that fuse data from an array of sensors in real-time and compares the data against insights derived from over 400 million AI-analyzed video miles and billions of telemetry data points. In-Vehicle Alerts notify drivers to take action and may prevent collisions before they happen. The company says the alerts have automatically improved behavior in 80 percent of drivers.
  • On-Demand Coaching. For the remaining 20 percent of drivers that need formal, in-person training, On-Demand Coaching packages prioritized guided workflows with video of coachable events and activity tracking for every driver. The workflow is based on a Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA Score). Nauto also uses in-vehicle image analysis that gives visibility to driver policy violations that include cell phone use and smoking.
  • Claims Management to detect collisions and immediately notify fleet managers to file first notice of loss (FNOL). The feature uses a cloud-to-device AI detection model that identifies collisions in real-time. Nauto’s Claims Management captures video, time, location and other pertinent information, and automatically populates a Collision Report for FNOL reporting.
  • Safety Insights provides fleets with configurable reports. A newly designed Insights Dashboard can prioritize improvement opportunities at the fleet, driver, and device level.
  • Driver Engagement offers a suite of features to help drivers rapidly adopt Nauto’s driver-first safety program. A Driver App enables drivers to view their own safety scores and event videos. For fleets seeking additional privacy protections, Nauto offers the ability to limit all coachable event uploads, allowing fleets to completely automate coaching through In-Vehicle Alerts, and to depersonalize media through automated blurring of faces and license plates.

“We designed the Nauto Driver Behavior Learning Platform to be the most important part of a commercial fleet’s driver safety program,” said Shweta Shrivastava, vice president of products.

Nauto says the latest platform can predict, prevent and decrease high-risk driving events. Fleets using the technology have been able to reduce reported accident claims by over 35 percent and some have reported more than 80 percent reduction, the company announced.

“We help commercial fleets protect its most critical assets — its drivers,” Shrivastava continues. “By alerting drivers to danger before it’s too late, or offering clear and actionable coaching in the moment, companies are quickly learning the power of Nauto’s platform to reinvent fleet economics and keep drivers safe.”