McLeod’s PowerBroker TMS gets API for digital freight matching

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Updated Apr 16, 2020

Press Release 20200410 New Digital Freight Matching Web Service For Power Broker 2020 04 14 16 31McLeod Software has published a new Digital Freight Matching (DFM) web service API to give its PowerBroker TMS product the ability to integrate with 3rd party freight and capacity matching solutions.

Companies that provide freight and capacity matching services or products now have the ability to write and test their own integrations with PowerBroker, the company said.

The new DFM web service API provides a connection from a 3rd party solution directly to the McLeod PowerBroker application though a secure and configurable set of web service end points specifically designed for freight matching functions.

Vendors can receive notifications on newly added or updated available shipments, validate the qualification status of a given carrier based on PowerBroker’s business rules, send capacity information on available equipment in a given area, and “cover” the load with a qualified carrier that will trigger an automated carrier rate confirmation. They can also send a counteroffer on behalf of a qualified carrier for an available load.

Robert Brothers, vice president of product development, explained that PowerBroker customers have more choices for locating and transacting with capacity matching solutions. They will also have control of security and shared data elements.

“Sometimes the external service interfaces available in the market do not allow a brokerage company to know or limit the amount of information that is shared outside their system,” he said. “The McLeod DFM API changes that model, because the service is configurable with respect to the data that is retrieved by the external system supplier or service vendor.”

McLeod Software will have a certification program for vendors to become eligible to use and support the DFM service in PowerBroker.