CCJ Daily Dispatch, June 29: Cargo theft activity expected to pick up around July 4

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Updated Jun 30, 2020

Trucking news and briefs for Monday, June 29, 2020:

Be wary of July 4 weekend cargo theft activity
Cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard has released a warning to fleets and truck drivers to be prepared for increased cargo theft activity during the extended Independence Day weekend.

The firm says that with July 4 falling on Saturday, many shippers and receivers will be closed either Friday and/or Monday in observance of the holiday, which could result in longer stage times and lower security staffing.

In the July 4 holiday periods from 2015-2019, SensiGuard recorded 2.9 thefts per day across the country with an average loss value of $215,130, which is a theft rate 39% higher and a loss value 43% higher than the rest of the year. Arkansas (+219%), North Carolina (+147%), Texas (+49%), Ontario (+72%), and Tennessee (+91%) all had significantly higher theft rates during the holiday weekend than throughout the year.

SensiGuard offers the following recommendations for carriers and drivers to protect against cargo theft:

  • Communication between drivers and shippers needs to be firmly established and regularly maintained during hauls.
  • Truck stops, highway rest areas and distribution centers are frequent targets for thieves. Make sure drivers are stopping in locations that are as secure as possible, such as those with controlled access, adequate lighting, video surveillance and more.
  • If cargo must be left unattended for any period of time, it should be as secure as possible. Theft-resistant locking/sealing mechanisms for tractors, trailers and cargo compartments; disabling technology for the trucks; and parking vehicles and/or cargo compartments in a way that makes access as difficult as possible are all things worthy of strong consideration.
  • Use tracking technology, such as GPS monitoring, if at all possible.

Truck repair tips aggregated for easy access by maintenance software provider
Mitchell 1, a provider of repair information software for Class 4-8 trucks, compiled a series of general knowledge maintenance and service tips. The tips are part of Mitchell 1’s truck ShopConnection Blog, which features insights gleaned from the experiences of truck repair experts.

With COVID-19 restrictions on travel and in-person training, Mitchell 1 put increased effort into making available a library of vehicle repair, general maintenance and industry-related information based on the data and best practice information gained through the development of their TruckSeries truck repair software. Recently available tips include those related to testing electrical systems, tire safety, understanding torque specs and fault codes, proper torquing during removal/install procedures, understanding the relay box, identifying and diagnosing transmission failures, and much more.