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Availability of various truck parts have been problematic for more than a year, shining an even brighter light on maintenance. 

The supply chain crunch that has truck fleets scrambling for everything from EGR valves to DEF sensors – and a host of other items – took no prisoners. This has truly been a case of "we're all in this together," with fleets, dealers and aftermarket providers shaking the same trees for the same parts. And in the case of dealers, helping fleets acquire trucks and trailers that simply can't get build fast enough. 

Trucks, Parts, Service – a sister publication to CCJ – has opened the nomination periods for its annual awards celebrating our industry's best dealers and independent aftermarket distributors — the Successful Dealer Award and the Distributor of the Year.

Did a truck or trailer dealer come through for you in crunch time? Do you have a rock star independent service provider that's always quick with a solution when it seems no one else has any ideas – even a dealer? Do either consistently go the extra mile to get you back on the road (and keep you there)? Give them a nod of appreciation and nominate them for the appropriate award. 


Last year's Successful Dealer Award was presented to CIT Trucks, headquartered in Normal, Illinois, at a special Successful Dealer Award awards banquet on Dec. 1, in Phoenix.

Midwest Wheel Companies beat out a competitive group of finalists to earn its third Distributor of the Year Award earlier this year.


With the exception of last year's winners, all members of the trucking dealer and aftermarket communities are eligible for their respective awards. For dealers, this includes new and used truck dealers as well as trailer dealers. Within the aftermarket, all independent distributors regardless of size or market specialization can be nominated for and win the Distributor of the Year. 

The nomination periods for both awards will run until June 30, 2022, and motor carriers are encouraged to nominate dealers and distributors for both awards. Interested parties can nominate as many businesses as they want, and the five dealers and distributors earning the most nominations from the industry at-large will be selected as award finalists later this year.

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For more information about each program, and to learn more about last year's winners and finalists, please go to the Successful Dealer Award and Distributor of the Year Award pages.