What are the 'Five Sleepiest States' for truck drivers?

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When electronic logging devices were mandated in most trucks by the end of 2019, a bevy of data from trucks became available to ELD providers. One freight matching platform, FleetOps, is available on a number of ELDs and is using ELD data to improve its service.

In this week's 10-44, Jason and Matt talk with FleetOps co-founder and CEO Chris Atkinson about how his company used ELD data to determine the "Five Sleepiest States" where truck drivers most often take longer rest breaks. According to FleetOps' data, those states are Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Nevada and New Mexico.

Using this information, FleetOps is able to work with its shipper and broker customers to better utilize truck capacity by letting them know where truck capacity is. For carriers, Atkinson said it helps cut down on empty miles.

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