Dye for oil, oil-based systems

Updated Jan 21, 2010

Tracer Products Dye-Lite All-In-One TP-3400Tracer Products says its TP-3400 Dye-Lite All-In-One fluorescent dye helps improve leak detection in all oil and oil-based fluid systems, including gasoline and diesel engine oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid, as well as hydraulic and lubrication fluids. The dye – which is effective with all UV and blue-light lamps – contains two fluorescent dyes, according to the company; one fluoresces best under UV, while the other works best under blue light. When a small amount is circulated through the vehicle’s fluid system, the dye will escape with the host fluid through the tiniest leak, Tracer says; when the system is scanned with a lamp, the dye will glow brightly, spotlighting the exact location of the leak.