Weight gauge for lifts

Updated Jan 21, 2010

Mohawk Lifts weight gaugeA weight gauge is available for all Mohawk two-post and mobile column lifts from 7,000- to 30,000-pound capacities. The lift scale shows the weight being lifted by each column or the entire load, and will show no weight when the tech is using the lift and lowering the vehicle onto the lift’s mechanical safety locks. Weight gauges are available for all columns to determine total vehicle weight. The weight gauge is a diagnostic tool that serves many different purposes in a shop; for example, should customers complain of poor mileage or short brake pad life, knowing the actual weight of the vehicle will assist techs. For other applications, the weight gauge can be used to verify a balanced load from side to side, as well as to verify that the lifts are being annually tested to capacity. The weight gauge also will verify that the lift is not being overloaded.
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