Snap-on touts Heavy Duty Mobile Workstation

Updated Apr 7, 2010


The Snap-on Heavy Duty Mobile Workstation (KRSC101) combines the strength of a stationary workstation with the portability of a shop cart to provide a strong, versatile work surface to stage heavy-duty components. The large 38-by-26-inch stainless-steel work surface has raised edges to prevent objects from sliding off and holds more than 1,000 pounds, yet is smooth enough to write on.

The workstation is equipped with two 30.25-by-24-inch InPulse drawers that never drift open while in transit, one 6 inches deep and the other 4 inches deep, both utilizing a secure round-key locking system; a 6-inch-deep utility drawer is provided for in-process work. The workstation – which has an extra-large-diameter handle to facilitate durability even with the biggest loads – moves on 8-inch semi-soft casters built to accommodate loads of more than one ton; a dual-function switch allows the user to switch the casters from swivel mode to rigid to navigate heavy loads through tight spaces or over and around foreign objects. Each corner is lined with soft, vertical bumpers to protect nearby surfaces from impact.