Snap-on touts portable heavy-duty road chests

Snap On Kra6200 Portable Road Chest1

Snap-on says its portable heavy-duty road chests (KRA6200 with ISO-frame, KRA6210 with side handles) provide more versatility and efficiency, making service calls less time-consuming and a lot more productive. The KRA6210’s handles are reinforced for easier lifting and an additional transport point, while the KRA6200’s ISO-frame can be removed and used with standard side handles for in-shop use on a roll cab; both handle systems can be combined in the same unit if needed. An exterior lid lock has a T-handle to allow the lid to be locked or opened without a key, while the lid’s top compartment has an internal drawer release for independent drawer operation, allowing the user access to drawers even if the lid cannot be opened.

A strong bottom panel with two sets of support channels helps absorb shock, sliding and lifting, while Snap-on’s Lock ‘n Roll technology helps keep drawers from jostling open; dividers in the bottom drawer provide organization and keep tools from sliding. The exterior lid lock has a water-resistant flap, while an independent drawer cover panel uses an intuitive two-point latch system and operates separately from the lid, preventing moisture from entering and allowing drawer access when the lid is closed.