Bully Dog touts Power Pup ECM tuner

Bully Dog Power Pup Ecm Tuner

Bully Dog Technologies’ Power Pup downloader is an ECM tuner designed to upgrade an engine’s ECM program to improve fuel economy. With an ECM tuner, the ECM’s response to information relayed from sensors is modified to achieve the desired results. The Power Pup is connected to either the 6- or 9-pin diagnostic data port inside the cab. A copy of the stock tune is saved, and a new software tune is uploaded into the ECM. Once it is complete, the ECM tuner is disconnected and stored away.

On the ECM tuner, there are two settings above stock from which to select: Economy, which is designed exclusively for adding more fuel economy from the engine without adding any noticeable hp or torque gains; and Economy with Power, which is designed for adding more fuel economy while at the same time adding additional hp and torque over stock.