Hendrickson touts trailer tire maintenance system

Hendrickson Tiremaax

Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems’ Tiremaax Pro provides automatic inflation and maintenance of trailer tires. Tiremaax Pro continuously monitors and adjusts tire pressure by inflating or deflating tires based on changing environmental conditions, as well as balancing tire pressures at every wheel position. The device features a straightforward mechanical design that continuously monitors tire pressure to respond to changes in outside temperature and draws from the trailer air supply to keep trailer tires properly inflated and rolling smoothly; if the ambient temperature increases, the system will relieve air when necessary to prevent overinflation.

Tiremaax Pro also uses a rotary air connection that is integrated into the hubcap and built with high-precision bearings and an engineered polymer seal. A signal light illuminates only when attention is required to alert the operator of tire or system leaks. With robust components and no electronics, transducers or pressure switches, Tiremaax Pro also is deigned to be easy to maintain; the versatile system requires no special tools and operates on either 12- or 24-volt electrical systems. Tiremaax Pro may be combined with an array of Hendrickson approved wheel-end configurations on any Hendrickson Intraax primary suspension system, Vantraax slider suspension system or trailer axle.