Waltco designs liftgate for heavy-duty level-ride applications

Updated Nov 17, 2010

Waltco Hlf Flipaway Liftgate

Waltco Lift Corp. has updated its heavy-duty level-ride flipaway HLF liftgate model, which is suited for a variety of truck and trailer designs, including straight trucks, dual-wheel service body trucks, stake bodies, flatbed trucks, dry-freight trailers and refrigerated trailers. An increased lift capacity of 5,000 pounds now is available, in addition to standard capacities of 2,500, 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. A larger standard aluminum platform is 60 inches deep by 84 inches wide, while a heavier, standard 3/8-inch bed extension is designed to offer greater strength. A simplified parallel arm eliminates the sliding parallel arm and springs, helping to ease installation. Grease fittings and maintenance-free bearings are used at all major hinge points.

Standard features include power down, two-step dock bumpers, rubber pads and a snubber kit. Suitable applications include general contractor/delivery vehicles, heavy-duty hauling, large-platform material-handling trucks, food and beverage, leasing and rental, and dock- and ground-loading situations.