K-Line touts coolant management tool


K-Line Industries’ Coolant Management Tool for fleet maintenance shops and truck maintenance facilities is designed to drain, pressure-test and refill coolant systems simply and cleanly, saving time, reducing or eliminating air pockets and contributing to environmentally green shop initiatives; it also helps prevent the unwanted mixing of coolant types. The tool includes a 20-gallon tank and cart assembly on wheels, a coolant reservoir cap adapter, a vacuum module and a pressure module.

After the tool is attached to the truck cooling system, clean dry shop air is used to “blow” coolant out of the system and into the tank; with the system empty, the necessary repairs can be made and pressure-checked before the cooling system is refilled. The coolant then can be replaced into the system using the vacuum module to draw coolant back into the tank, reducing or eliminating air pockets. With the coolant captured within the tool throughout the procedure, there are virtually no spills, no waste and no chance of mixing coolant types.