Clore offers Christie battery charger

Updated Mar 24, 2011

C10122 S

Clore Automotive now offers Model C10122S, a 2-bank 12V 10-amp battery charger from Christie designed for small lead-acid and gel cell batteries. The C10122S can charge two batteries simultaneously and independently and is designed to recover conventional, maintenance-free or gel cell batteries affected by partial sulfation due to seasonal use or deep discharge during long storage periods. Its “Dud Buster” technology is designed to provide extra initial charge voltage to break through battery sulfation, then adjust to normal charging voltage once the battery begins to accept charging currents.

The C10122S features independent circuitry and charging controls for each of its two outputs. Batteries can be cycled on and off of each output independently, maximizing charging efficiency. Each output allows for infinite control of the charging current from 0 to 10 amps to enable proper charging of a wide variety of battery sizes. Each output features an independent timer control to stop the charging process after a specified period, while automatic reverse polarity protection helps prevent the risk of an accident due to reverse connections.