Coxreels offers DEF hose reels


Coxreels’ line of diesel exhaust fluid hose reels are built on the company’s all-steel SH Series and T Series reel designs and are equipped with stainless-steel external full-flow swivel and chemical-resistant Viton seals to facilitate a safe, reliable DEF dispensing solution. The swivel is built for easy seal maintenance and fast DEF dispenser hose installation.

The heavy-duty single-pedestal SH Series or supreme-duty dual-pedestal T Series configurations can handle DEF hoses up to 75 feet of Âľ-inch hose and up to 50 feet of 1-inch hose. Both designs are outfitted with Super Hub dual-axle support systems to help increase stability and reduce vibration during operation, making the reels suitable for either stationary or rugged mobile applications.

The models are available in standard spring retraction systems as well as EZ-Coil controlled retraction systems that promote greater operator and workplace safety by retracting up to 80 percent slower than conventional reels.