Kardex Remstar touts vertical carousel with interchangeable carrier

Kardex Remstar Megamat Rs Vertical Carousel

The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel from Kardex Remstar features an interchangeable carrier design, allowing parts and service operations to mix, match and change storage configurations more easily. With a standard multipurpose carrier, organizations can add partitions, dividers, intermediate shelves, rollout drawers and a variety of front lip height and depth clips to customize the unit to meet their storage needs. To change carrier configuration, remove the stored goods from the carrier, add the carrier insert (partitions, dividers, intermediate shelves or rollout drawers) and return the stored goods.

Each carrier comes standard with a 0.3-inch front lip to help prevent stored goods from migrating out. Carrier depth or height clips can be added, providing a taller or deeper front lip to help secure various-sized totes or boxes from migrating out of the carrier. Each carrier also has a partial top to help prevent carrier overloading.