Bar’s Leaks offers coolant system leak repair

Bar’s Leaks Liquid Copper for cooling systems is formulated to be a one-step copper block seal in any water-cooled vehicle. To use the product, pour it into the radiator; because it uses an advanced antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate liquid glass formula, no draining of coolant is required. It works with all types and brands of antifreeze, including conventional green or blue (silicate-based) and extended life (red/orange) or yellow (OAT/HOAT). Liquid Copper will not harm the cooling system when installed properly, nor will it clog the cooling system or heater core.

Liquid Copper stops leaks by forming a physical seal using organic and synthetic fibers, copper and an ionic-modified mineral. The seal forms as the coolant and product flow through the leak. A wetting agent cleans the sides of the hole or crack to prepare the surface for bonding. The first fibers catch on the side of the leak, building on each other to bridge the entire hole. The fibers then act as a sieve to trap more fibers, copper particles and minerals to create a composite seal. The seal is cemented with liquid glass. As the temperature increases, the liquid glass hardens to make the seal permanent.

One 18-ounce bottle treats most cooling systems. It is available in case packs of six.