Red Dot improves battery-powered A/C system for sleepers

Red Dot

Red Dot Corp.’s updated Sleeping Well Arctic 2000 Plus battery-powered auxiliary air-conditioning system is sold as a complete aftermarket installation kit designed to fit almost any sleeper. Improvements to the all-electric A/C system include an all-12V system with twin compressors, upgraded system diagnostics and a wireless remote control with an “Option” button to reduce compressor speed and extend system operating time and battery life. Maximum power consumption is 55 amp/hr, a 26 percent reduction compared to the previous version. A shorepower option uses 120V AC to provide cooling without idling or using onboard batteries.

The Arctic 2000 Plus provides up to 6,150 Btu/hr of cooling and can maintain a comfortable temperature for 10 to 12 hours in typical use. The three-piece system includes an evaporator that mounts on the inside of the sleeper, a low-profile condenser that mounts on the exterior of the sleeper, and a compact compressor unit; total weight is about 80 pounds. The system is powered by four dedicated auxiliary Group 31 AGM batteries with a standard low-voltage cutout.