International Lubricants touts heavy-duty product line

Updated Nov 9, 2011

International Lubricants Lube Gard Heavy Duty Products

International Lubricants’ LubeGard heavy-duty product line includes LubeGard Heavy-Duty Engine Protectant, Gear Protectant, Power Transfer Protectant and Heavy-Duty 2-in-1 Coolant Treatment. Each of the products can be purchased individually or as a boxed kit.

The engine, gear and power transfer protectants are engineered around the company’s LXE technology that has a negative polarity attracted to the positive polarity of metals, creating a single-layer bond for added heat transfer, lubrication and anti-wear protection, all helping to improve power, fuel economy and shifting while reducing component wear. The coolant treatment is formulated to provide added temperature reduction and corrosion protection.