Grote spotlights LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film

Grote Light Form Emergency Egress Lighting Film

Grote’s LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film employs the company’s proprietary LightForm low-profile LED technology and provides all of the advantages of adhesive exit markers with the added benefit of being powered, providing bright illumination that can help lead disoriented passengers to safety, even in dark or hazy conditions. The easy-to-install film requires no lens or bezel, while the solid-state lighting device is designed to resist water and concussion and will function properly even after significant damage.

The film can conform to the shape and contours of most doors or exits, and its adhesive backing allows it to adhere to many surface materials. Multiple modules can be daisy-chained together, minimizing wiring and harness routing issues. The lamps come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, amber and Grote LED WhiteLight. The film comes standard in a 12V version; custom voltages and a 24V version also are available.