Rotary Lift updates parallelogram wash bay lift

Updated Dec 28, 2011

Rotary Lift Parallelogram Wash Bay Lift

Rotary Lift has updated its parallelogram wash bay lift package to help maximize bay space and product life. The lift also includes an ALI-certified stainless-steel control panel that can be wall-mounted; As a result, the lift’s PLC power unit now can be located outside of the bay, up to 65 feet away from the lift itself, which frees up workspace in the bay and further protects the power unit.

Rotary Lift parallelogram lifts – available in surface, flush-mount and full-recess applications – feature a clear floor design to help provide complete vehicle access from both sides, as well as from the front and rear, with no obstructions between the legs. Automatic wheel chocks engage when the lift is raised and release when it is lowered.