Bergstrom updates heater control valve

Bergstrom Heat Control Valve

Bergstrom’s next-generation heater control valve is designed to be highly compatible with a more robust design and increased versatility. The heater control valve is engineered to retain its properties when exposed to new organic acid technology-type long-life OAT coolants and to provide enhanced performance using conventional coolants at elevated temperatures and pressures commonly seen in today’s emissions-compliant engines. The heater valve is available for split HVAC systems, stacked core HVAC systems, liquid-cooled electrical components and other auxiliary cooling systems.

New features include a customizable heater control valve designed to allow the user to choose what best fits the application; numerous connection options with copper tube attachments designed to allow for rotation at any time without seal damage during assembly; robust valve bodies made from specially engineered Dupont Zytel Plus nylon, providing long-term performance despite exposure to hot coolant, hot oil, hot air, calcium chloride and other aggressive automotive chemicals; high-performance seals from EPDM blended with lubricant; and bidirectional flow.