Kustom offers aluminum radiators, A/C condensers

Updated Jan 18, 2012

Kustom Cooling Products Radiators Condensers

Kustom Cooling Products’ aluminum radiators and A/C condensers, designed for 2007 and newer U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-compliant engines, are available for Freightliner’s Cascadia, Columbia and Century models, and soon will be available for the Volvo VN, International ProStar and Mack Vision models. The all-aluminum configuration is engineered to accommodate higher operating temperatures and to allow for better absorption of thermal stress, vibration and shock.

The lightweight, durable core utilizes a wavy-style fin design – built in a bar-and-plate configuration for both the radiator and A/C condenser – that increases the surface area to facilitate greater cooling capacity, while the smooth fins help reduce clogging due to debris, allowing for easier maintenance. The increased contact area of the fin to the plate also helps increase the core’s strength while providing more uniform control of thermal expansion. The fins also are designed to be less susceptible to bending or laying over.