Emco Wheaton develops spill-free urea dispensing system

Emco Wheaton says its Posi/Lock Blue delivers safe, spill free dispensing of Urea and is particularly targeted at the bus transit companies where vehicles are being refueled at the same location every time.

The company says Posi/Lock Blue represents a major breakthrough against open fill systems on the market which are open fill and which frequently result in a certain amount of Urea being spilt each time during filling. When this happens the Urea is exposed to air, the water then vaporizes and the ammonia will crystallize, creating a messy working environment. The Urea might also run down the side of the bus staining paintwork and cause damage to the body as it is highly corrosive. Posi/Lock Blue totally eliminates all such risks and makes refueling easier for bus fleets and off-highway equipment.

Additionally, the company says, new product is smaller in scale than Emco Wheaton’s traditional Posi/Lock system which prevents it from accidentally being connected to existing Posi/Lock 105 adapters or any other refueling systems on the market. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination and ensures the purity of the “aqueous urea solution.” Posi/Lock Blue is also lightweight and incorporates automatic shut off using vacuum technology, which ensures the tank is always filled to 85 percent of its capacity, eliminating the risk of overfilling as well underfilling.