Ametek offers offroad gauge

Ametek CAN-Communicator 3-inch Analog Gauge with DisplayAmetek’s C-Com 3AD (CAN-Communicator 3-inch Analog Gauge with Display) is a versatile standalone gauge that can be connected directly to an SAE J1939 data bus. It features a multifunction backlit 13-segment 7-digit alphanumeric liquid crystal display that can provide odometer and hourmeter information, tachometer, coolant temperature or any other vehicle information.

Gauge decals can be customized or chosen from a wide variety of standard decals. With the addition of optional external buttons, the gauge’s menu system can be expanded to include additional vehicle data, two resettable trip mileage and hours-of-service functions, diagnostic fault codes and warning messages.

The sealed gauge operates on 9- to 32-volt DC and is designed to withstand harsh conditions typical of offroad environments. For more information, go to