GPS Insight listed in WSCA eMarket Center

Updated Mar 28, 2014

GPS Insight, a supplier of GPS fleet tracking technology, in cooperation with SHI International Corp., announced that it is now an authorized partner under the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) SVAR Contract. The WSCA eMarket Center is similar to the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, but for government agencies in western states who want to purchase from pre-approved vendors with negotiated pricing.

In addition to pre-negotiated pricing, purchasing GPS Insight through the WSCA eMarket Center allows many government agencies to avoid labor intensive and time consuming procurement processes. Government agencies can now have fleet tracking technology implemented in weeks, not months.

Across the United States, GPS Insight says that government agencies are already using its fleet tracking system to reduce speeding and idling events, to dispatch more efficiently and to schedule preventive maintenance.