SAF-HOLLAND Introduces SAF INTEGRAL Air Disc Brake Axle System with P89 Wheel End Package

jpegSAF-HOLLAND, a leading global manufacturer of suspensions, fifth wheels, and landing gear, announces the introduction of its SAF INTEGRAL Air Disc Brake Axle System with P89 Wheel End Package, ideal for SAF air suspension systems. Designed with the fleet in mind, the P89 is a durable, long-life system that is easily maintained.The P89 accommodates up to 2-inch offset wheels for application and maintenance flexibility, allowing fleets to choose the wheel end offset desired. And, the P89 can accommodate both industry-standard single wide-based wheels with up to 2-inch offsets and dual wheel configurations. This wider bearing configuration helps distribute the load between the bearings.The P89 hub design incorporates the INTEGRAL bi-metallic rotor, and uses premium matched-set bearings, which can be replaced with readily-available standard bearings for field service. It provides an industry-standard premium spindle nut with right-hand threads. The more robust spindle is ideal for specialty trailer applications.

The company says the INTEGRAL disc brake’s advanced rotor and hub adapter design provides advanced braking efficiencies, reliability, and low cost of ownership. The rotor is designed with a series of ventilation channels to redirect and control high temperatures associated with vehicle braking. The INTEGRAL rotor expands in a radial direction maintaining a flat and stable braking surface, which significantly reduces harmful stress cracks and premature brake pad failure.