PHH Arval taps into big data with new fleet management platforms

Updated Jun 11, 2014

PHH Arval, a global fleet management services provider, announced the launch of three new technology platforms: Clarus, Clarus Driver and PHH Xplore.

PHH Arval says the new offerings harness customer data to help make informed strategic decisions.

“We believe technology ­ and analytics in particular ­ has significant implications for the future of fleet management. Our new tools present clients with a window into what’s happening with their fleet and allow customers to manage the decision-making process quickly and efficiently,” said Jim Halliday, president of PHH Arval.

With these technology tools, clients can:

  • Identify anomalies and uncover hidden opportunities for improvement
  • Incorporate data trends to develop predictive models
  • Formulate action plans and resolve fleet issues
  • Take advantage of situational opportunities

Clarus is a new platform for delivering fleet management data and supports fleet-related tasks for PHH clients. It taps into guided analytics to provide business intelligence that identifies exceptions, recommends a solution and helps the user take action.

Clarus Driver allows drivers to access their fleet information from any device. It offers capabilities such as task management, mileage reporting, and maintenance shop and fuel location finder. With the tool, drivers can complete vehicle-specific tasks in a way that¹s easy, intuitive and convenient. For a demo, view this video.

PHH Xplore is a dynamic business intelligence tool developed to take data mining to the next level. It can access large amounts of data quickly and analyze them in real time to uncover opportunities for fleet cost savings and vehicle fleet productivity.

“We’re making dramatic improvements in our clients’ ability to access large amounts of data quickly and to ‘slice and dice’ it instantly,” said Robert Sandler, senior vice president, customer experience and enterprise consulting, PHH Arval. “It’s exciting because we’re making it possible to create ‘what if?’ fleet scenarios and get immediate answers.”