Bendix adds new protective coating to remanufactured brake shoes

Updated Jan 24, 2017
Bendix has added a new coating to its reman brake shoe.Bendix has added a new coating to its reman brake shoe.

Bendix is adding a new protective coating to its remanufactured brake shoes engineered to improve resistance to rust jacking.

PermaGuard, Bendix says, reformulates the coating and wash process, improving its ability to adhere to the metal shoe. Rust jacking occurs when rust builds up on the steel beneath the brake lining, exerts upward pressure on the friction material, and eventually causes cracks in the friction material.

Although rust jacking can occur year-round, the combination of wet roads, temperature swings, and chemical de-icers – such as road salt or chemical compounds (for example, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride) – makes winter conditions ideal for corrosion to take hold on a brake shoe. For this reason, rust jacking is most prevalent in regions with cold-weather climates, Bendix says.

Keith McComsey, Bendix director of wheel-end marketing and customer solutions, adds the company is offering an extended three-year warranty against rust jacking for the new coated shoe.


According to McComsey, the combination of Bendix PermaGuard coating, along with coining and high flexural strength friction that resists cracking, adds even more rust-jacking protection.

“It’s a powerful combination delivering a longer lasting brake shoe that provides consistent brake performance and reduced maintenance costs,” he says.