Phillips Connect Technologies launches TrailerNet, ChassisNet and ContainerNet

Updated Mar 22, 2019
PCT Ultrasonic Chassis SensorPCT Ultrasonic Chassis Sensor

Keeping a closer eye on your trailer assets without getting swamped in telematics data is key to saving time and money.

That was the drive behind Phillips Connect Technologies’ efforts to develop and launch TrailerNet, ChassisNet and ContainerNet this week at ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) 2019 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Ga.

“We started out by working with our fleet customers, really getting to know them closely,” said Phillips Connect Technologies President and CEO Rob Phillips. “We really did a lot of work to understand the issues that our plaguing fleets right now and we’ve developed some truly game-changing concepts.”

Each of the platform product packages demonstrated during TMC is designed to communicate and integrate into one master channel of information about components, activity and conditions that fleets require to make sound operational and business decisions.  PCT is partnering with industry leaders to bring data communication on a wide range of components to the end user.

All PCT telematic solutions have access to the company’s proprietary user interface that provides customized dashboards, maps, maintenance summaries and detailed reports.  PCT’s open platform strategy is based on the premise that customers want choices and every company has its own unique needs. As a result, a major advantage PCT has to offer are its proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) tools, a professional service that includes consultations with industry insiders to map out and design detailed analytical reporting based on fleet specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

“We’re providing a single connection to go back to a single point to make it easy for that fleet to digest that information and take action on it,” Gerry Mead, executive director of Innovation at Phillips said. “Because it’s one thing to have data. The next thing is how do I take action on that data and who’s going to provide me actionable data, because otherwise I’m just going to wrestle that alligator in the room. And that’s the key. We don’t want too much data. We want the right actual data and that’s what PCT does and that’s why PCT is not just another telematics company.”

The PCT product portfolio includes:

  • TrailerNet Gateway with wired or wireless communication from trailer components:  Available now are the GPS and the Plus package which comes standard with GPS, geofencing, trailer mileage, and 7-way voltage reporting.  It has the option to add nine additional compatible sensors, such as door sensors and cargo sensors.
  • ChassisNet Gateway with wired or wireless communication from trailer components: The GPS, Plus, and Pro packages are available now.  The Plus package offers options to add seven compatible sensors, and the PRO package, eight compatible sensors.
  • ContainerNet Gateway with wired or wireless communication from trailer components: The GPS and Plus packages are available now.  The Plus package offers options to add four compatible sensors, such as door and cargo sensors.

PCT also introduced EZTrac and AssetTrac which are designed for easy installation

  • EZTrac is a GPS tracker integrated into an easy-to-install plug-and-play harness piece.
  • AssetTrac is a battery-powered asset tracker with an internal motion sensor and BLE which can send periodic reports or report on motion. Batteries will last up to five years with one report per day or three years with a report on movement.

Phillips Connect Technologies products will be on display in Booth # 2132 during TMC exhibition hours.

Phillips Connect Technologies' TrailerNet, ChassisNet and ContainerNet


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