Cojali launches new diagnostics tool, software and OEM business line

Cojali presented several new diagnostics solutions for commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery this week at ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council in Atlanta.

The company’s Jaltest V9 is the latest iteration in its line of all-makes diagnostic tools.

“The integrated Bluetooth antenna is going to help because there’s no breakage and the USB is protected so that it doesn’t break as well. It’s also waterproof and dustproof (IP40). Perfect for the shop environment,” said Bruno Gattamorta, vice-president of sales for Cojali USA.

The device weighs about 76 percent less than the previous version which makes it ideal for lanyard use.

The other latest offerings from Cojali include:

20.1 Version of Jaltest software offers an improved user interface with coverage in more than 260 brands, 6,866 models, 53,910 systems, 50,182 functionalities and 480,568 fault codes. Installation time for the new user interface has been reduced from about 40 to 15 minutes. Customization allows for shortcut configurations, more vibrant color coding displays and other options.

Remote Diagnostics with Jaltest T-VOD. Plug & Play Installation. Control the vehicles measurements in real time. Adjust your dashboard to maximize data reading. Control KPIs, reduce downtime, increase your ROI. Launch parked DPF regens remotely as well as DPF resets.

New OEM Solutions business line provides OEM clients with technological products, technical support and training, all of which can be customized and adapted to their needs. Cojali is seeking to involve its clients in all design processes and manufacturing areas as: diagnostics and telematics, cooling systems, electronics and big data.