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Cargo thefts up in third quarter

Q3 Cargo Theft Heat Map

SensiGuard says Texas slightly edged out California for the most cargo theft incidents in the third quarter of the year.

Cargo theft incidents in the United States were up 24 percent in the third quarter when compared to the second quarter of the year, according to SensiGuard’s quarterly report.

During 2017’s third quarter, the cargo theft recording firm saw a total of 160 cargo thefts with an average loss value per theft of $117,137. Even though the number of thefts were up quarter-over-quarter, the value of thefts was down 17 percent.

SensiGuard Cargo Theft Chart

Building and industrial products were the most-stolen products in the quarter.

When compared to 2016’s third quarter, 2017’s third quarter saw an 18 percent decrease in cargo thefts and a 4 percent increase in theft value.

The most-stolen products during the quarter were building and industrial products, accounting for 19 percent of total thefts in the quarter with an average loss value of $66,418. Food and drinks and home and garden products tied for second-most stolen products at 18 percent each.

SensiGuard says Texas beat out California for the state with the most reported cargo theft incidents in the quarter, accounting for 24 percent of all thefts – a 105 percent increase over the second quarter. California also accounted for 24 percent of thefts nationwide, followed by Florida, Georgia and New Jersey at 9 percent each.

Full truckload theft was the most common theft type, accounting for 82 percent of all reported thefts with an average loss value of $128,450.


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