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Gorilla Safety offers new asset tracking product

Gorilla Safety's electronic logging device is currently available for Android devices, with an iOS version in the works.

Gorilla Safety’s electronic logging device is currently available for Android devices, with an iOS version in the works.

Gorilla Safety, provider of software that automates fleet and safety management, announced Gorilla Trax, a technology capable of tracking trucks and trailers independent of drivers’ smartphones.

Gorilla Safety’s GPS technology works by attaching a proprietary Gorilla Trax device to the vehicle or asset that communicates with its mobile app when a driver is in proximity. This ensures the specific location of the vehicle or asset, and whether or not the driver is actually working when and where indicated.

The company says the new product will improve location accuracy and accident response times. When Gorilla Safety’s technology is deployed, it more accurately identifies the type of equipment involved, the cargo being hauled and potential severity. Fleet owners can get a better understanding of where their trucks are located and allows for more accurate ETAs and client billing.

Concurrent with the GPS enhancements, Gorilla Safety is also rolling out major updates across its mobile app technology platform and web-based offering. These include International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting; vehicle tracking inspections processes; the automation of company policies and procedures; enabling remote delivery of safety documentation; and issuance of alerts relating to procedural violations.

“Gorilla Trax significantly improves the GPS tracking of vehicles while still relying on the simplicity and dependability of a user’s Smartphone or tablet,” stated Gorilla Safety co-founder Tommy Johnson.

Mark Walton, co-founder, added: “The kind of fleets we see as the most likely to benefit from our technology are those fleets that require ELD compliance, short-haul trucking companies, as well as construction companies and other fleet operators that employ drivers that frequently switch vehicles.”


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