2007 Innovator of the Year

Updated Jan 27, 2012
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Name: Pitt Ohio Express

Location: Pittsburgh, OH

A half-dozen or so young Pitt Ohio Express employees are playing Gazillionaire, a business strategy game, trying to strike it rich in intergalactic trade and transportation. This isn’t a bunch of bored colleagues goofing off when the boss is away. Rather, it’s an exercise to promote creativity among individuals identified by the Pittsburgh-based LTL carrier as among its brightest employees — the company’s emerging leaders. And it’s one of the many novel approaches to business that has earned Pitt Ohio Express the honor of Commercial Carrier Journal’s Innovator of the Year. By looking at its operation across different disciplines and departments simultaneously, and by truly capitalizing on all the information available to it, Pitt Ohio Express is trying to identify and respond to trends more quickly than better-financed competitors.By promoting creativity and collaboration, and systematically researching efficiencies, Pitt Ohio Express strives for the cutting edge.