Volvo puts maintenance tech front-and-center on new VNL

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Updated Mar 8, 2024
Magnus Gustafsson
Volvo Trucks Vice President of Connected Services Magnus Gustafsson

The all-new VNL is the most connected truck ever built by Volvo Trucks, according to the company, and will usher in a variety of technologies that boost uptime with more accurate, data-based maintenance.

Volvo Connect expanding

The suite of connected services offered by Volvo Trucks continues to grow following the October 2023 launch of Volvo Connect. Through Volvo Connect, fleets can monitor trucks in near real-time, see pending remote programing updates and manage vehicle health data and safety items. The ability to see pending remote programing update availability in specific trucks from one single portal allows fleet managers to notify drivers to perform the update the next time they are stopped and safely parked. On average, fleets with fully updated truck populations experience a 24% reduction in unplanned stops, Volvo Trucks Vice President of Connected Services Magnus Gustafsson said Tuesday at the American Trucking Associations Technology Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in New Orleans.

"Everything about this truck can be found in the Volvo Connect portal," Gustafsson said 

With the all-new Volvo VNL, update speed has also been improved for faster downloads with an average download time of four minutes, said Gustafsson.

Volvo's Blue Service Contract, an optional, comprehensive dealer managed service plan, uses Volvo’s connected services give dealers real-time data when maintenance is due and diagnostic information for any detected fault codes. Gustafsson.said the contract makes the dealer a maintenance partner with the fleet, enabling the fleet to extend a number of maintenance intervals based on the fleets operating conditions and informed vehicle health data coming directly from the truck. 

During dealer after hours, Volvo Trucks’ Uptime Center continues to remotely monitor the truck and will alert plan subscribers if any critical issues arise. 

More accurate diagnostics is enabled by the new 24-volt electrical architecture on the all-new Volvo VNL – a system proven in the European market and necessary for North America and the future of commercial transportation, Gustafsson said. New, lighter components, faster and more accurate diagnostic times, and the ability to design more reliable and serviceable wiring harnesses make the move to the 24-volt system paramount.

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App based convenience

Volvo's My Truck app allows drivers to receive insights on engine fluid levels, washer fluid and potential light faults before arriving at the truck to begin pre-trip inspections, and set the HVAC to reach a preferred temperature before starting their day. The app, Gustafsson said, will play an important roll in attracting tech-savvy next generation truck drivers. 

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