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Major fleet launches $40,000 bonus program for teams

Covenant Transport 18-Wheeler

Covenant Transport is launching a program Feb. 1 that will award team drivers with a combined $40,000 in bonuses.

Covenant Transport (No. 39 on the CCJ Top 250) has announced a new bonus program for team drivers that will give award each driver with a $20,000 bonus.

The $40,000 Teaming Bonus program, which goes into effect Feb. 1, will pay $2,000 in bonus money to teams each time the team runs 60,000 paid miles together. Each driver will receive $1,000, up to a total combined $40,000.

“We have team freight,” said David Parker, founder and CEO of Covenant Transport Services. “That’s important to note, because a lot of carriers bring on team drivers and put them on solo lanes.”

To be eligible for the bonus, new drivers are not required to bring a team partner to Covenant with them. The company’s team matching program will match single drivers with partners, and after orientation, newly-formed teams are eligible to begin earning the bonuses.

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