New regional drive axle tire from Conti

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Conti Scandinavia HD3 tire
Multiple sipe technologies including 3D siping to provide excellent traction through tough environments.

Continental has added to its truck tire portfolio with the all-new Conti Scandinavia HD3 tire, a regional drive axle tire. The tire has multiple sipe technologies including 3D siping to provide great traction during tough conditions throughout the life of the tire. 

At 27/32” tread depth, the tire is created with an all-season compounding to deliver performance in any season. The directional mud and snow (M+S) tread pattern of the tire provides even wear and traction in both snow and mud, and the tire is also Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certified. The 3PMSF symbol is a more stringent certification that identifies winter tires according to tire regulations. The Conti Scandinavia HD3 tire is available in two sizes: 11R22.5 and 11R24.5, load range H.

Another feature is the Conti 3G casing with an extended fourth belt for enhanced retreadability. The Conti 3G casing is an innovative casing design that provides increased retreadability through durability innovations in the beads, belt package and rubber compounding. The Conti Scandinavia HD3 tire has a matching retread, the ContiTread Scandinavia HD3 size 210-240, which offers a cradle to grave offering for fleets. Many fleets know that retreading a tire is economical and environmentally friendly. Purchasing a retreadable tire enables fleets to discover their lowest overall driving cost with that tire.